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Matches Tab
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On the Matches tab of the Tournament Profile window you can view all matches of the selected tournament.

Tournament Profile Matches Window

The tab consists of the main area and the navigation panel. The main area displays matches grouped by: round, player name, or number of sets in the match. Each match is displayed as a separate table with competitors' names and set scores. For Grand Slam tournaments you can view match and set statistics by clicking the Match Stats button. To switch between groups click tabs to the left of the main area. You can change grouping criteria by clicking links on the Match View tab of the navigation panel.

The navigation panel contains four tabs - Match View, Match Details, Matches Summary, and Tools.

Match View  

Links on this tab allows you to group matches in the main area.

Group by Round

Groups matches by round.

Group by Player

Groups matches by players.

Group by Number of Sets
Groups matches by number of sets.

Match Details  

This tab contains links to proceed to a more detailed information about competitors.

Player Profile

Opens profile of the selected player where you can find a detailed information about the player.

Player1 vs. Player2
Opens the Head to Head window where you can compare two players among each other.

Matches Summary  

This tab displays the common information about the selected matches - total number of matches and number of uncompleted matches.


This tab contains the Export Players to Excel link that allows you to save matches as an Excel document.

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