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Tennis tournament software

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More than one hundred important tournaments took place during each year. Our Tennis tournament software (ATP Edition) allows you to view the men's tournament calendar of the current year, and Tennis Navigator WTA Edition allows you to view the women's one. They help you to study the tournament results for previous years. This information is available in the Tournaments window. Here you can also find the statistics of countries that won most of all tournaments in the definite year, on the definite types of surface, etc.

Tennis tournament software - Window Features:

  • High usability of the tournament table
  • Quick filtering tournaments in the table
  • You can group and sort tournaments as you want
  • You can export any data to an Excel document

Click image to enlarge the screenshot
Click image to enlarge the screenshot The programs are designed to represent the information about all tournaments that are included into our databases. The Tournament Profile window displays the summary data about the whole tournament (such as series, start date, surface, prize money, etc.), as well as the total information about the tournament of any year you define beginning from 1980 in ATP Edition and from 1995 in WTA Edition. Here you can find player lists of different years (with numbers of seeded players, wild cards, lucky losers, and qualifieds), view all matches of the tournament, browse and print the tournament draw, and study the tournament statistics.

Window Features:

  • Tournament history for all years beginning from 1980 in ATP Edition and from 1995 in WTA Edition
  • Player list with filtering and sorting abilities
  • Tournament matches grouped by round, player, or number of sets
  • You can get a draw of any tournament with a possibility to highlight players and to save it as a PDF document
  • You can save draw as a PDF document
  • Match and set statistics for Grand Slam tournaments

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